When your stash gets too big and your partner says you have to do something about it.

We've all been there. You love yarn, or wool, or some other crafty joy and you keep buying and buying the lovelies associated with it.

Well for me, I found the perfect solution (it's not perfect, perfect is having a never ending bank account attached to a never ending workroom filled with yarn and fibre).

I learned the art of dyeing with acid dyes and I was hooked. Now instead of filling my entire house with a suffocating number of skeins and braids, I get to play with dyes and then sell the gorgeous things to other crafty minded people.

Here you can find my products, my dyeing tips, times for my Time To Dye sessions and Intensive Dyeing Lessons, and an ever increasing collection of photos of yarn, fibre and of course my adorable foster cats.

I may throw in tips for living with a chronic illness here and there

Love to my crafty lovelies,